The School campus is spread over an area of 2.9 acres in Jhusi, Allahabad. The School has a well splendid play ground containing 200 meters run track including basketball court and host of other facilities for overall growth of child. The School offers single gate entry/exit keeping an eye on overall security of all present in the school through the modern techniques available. The school also maintains modern fire detection and fire fighting equipments.

Computer Lab

The credit for the sucess, which the school has achieved in a small period of time, goes to the staff of the school as well as students and their parents who have contributed immensely in deriving new techniques of imparting education. It is this auspicious nexus which has also contributed incredibly to the growth of students in extra curricular activities. The school has always been ready for introduction of newer and better schemes. Read More..

Smart Class

The School management have been successful in bringing technology in classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards and Smart Boards. These allow students to interact with the lesson content through the softwares provided by EDUCOMP. This helps in widening their analytical faculties. Classrooms are spacious and have adequate cooling and lighting through fans and tubelights.  Read More..


The School library houses more than 10000 books apart from the reference section for the students as well as teachers. No doubt it is a learning center for all. To keep the students updated with the current affairs, the school provides at least four newspapers daily 

Science Lab

The School offers well equipped modern labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics & Social-Studies as per the settled standards. It helps students in inculcating scientific temper through controlled experiments as per the guidelines.  Read More..

Language Lab

The School operates language lab through the make shift area of the library with the sole purpose of improving phonetic skills of the students. It houses audio-video section through audio and video technique with the help of documentaries and films pertaining to various languages.  Read More..

Medical Room

The School has a reasonable equipped Medical Room to meet the emergency situation. A Registered Medical Practitioner visits the School daily during school hours. All emergencies are attended with utmost care. If required, the student is also sent to nearby nursing home/hospital. Regular medical checkups are conducted.


The School has its own fleet of buses. Each bus has a driver and a conductor for complete safety and security of the children. Each bus is provided with mobile phone facility. For the safety of students every bus is equipped with fire-extinguishers. The routes and timing of the entire fleet of buses are monitored.  Read More..


The sports and games are integral part of education. Some of the outdoor sporting facilities provided by the School include basketball court, badminton courts, 200 meter athletic track, facility for football and cricket. A well trained Physical Education Instructor is appointed to ensure the provision of a relevant.  Read More..


School provides for it’s students an appropriate venue for training, learning & participation in Dance (Indian & Western), Music (Indian and Western), Theatre, Performing Arts etc.  Read More..

Book/Stationary Shop

The book run inside the school primises for limited period to faciliatate the students for their purchase of curriculum books & stationary designed to support the child’s development right from Nursery to Class XII student.